SP TAKEGAWA 814cc Piston kit For W800
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Item Description

SP TAKEGAWA 814cc Piston kit For W800[01-05-0266]

Our Selling Price: 81,400Yen
[Available] Weight: 5000g
SP TAKEGAWA 814cc Piston kit
Bowling is to process it, and to beat it into a sleeve for exclusive use of one of attachment, and to put on a piston kit and becomes the displacement volume up to 814cc.
The piston compression ratio becomes 10.5:1 for 10.5:1, W650 normal 8.6:1 for W800 normal 8.4:1.
Torque in this way realizes a run with an output performance gain fully.
The cylinder head gasket raises heat resistance by adopting special material if occlusive.
You can use it as normal ECU in W800 becoming the injection car. (but limited to a normal muffler)
■ Instructions
To attach this product; of the sleeve it is necessary to beat it, and to work on work and the bowling of the cylinder.
It is necessary to have you purchase a pure gasket with the exchange, an O ring other than the gasket attached to this product separately.
The fuel becomes the high octane content gasoline specifications.

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