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Item Description

BLUE LIGHTNING RACING i-conII For 04-08Years[2S006-S8]

Our Selling Price: 57,200Yen
[Available] Weight: 1500g
For GSX-R750 04-08Year

The i-conII is BLR's (Blue Lightning Racing)original fuel injection controller.
It works in sequence with the stock ECU compensating for any changes in air flow due to intake/exhaust modification that require adjustments to the original fuel map.
Based on stored fuel map settings,input signals generated by the air intake pressure sensor and throttle position sensor are processed by the built-in CPU producing a modified air intake signal.
The new signal is fed to the stock ECU directing the fuel injector(s) to generate the ideal fuel output.
In doing so,maximum engine performance,enhanced throttle response, and improved drivabilty are achived.

■Fuel Map Settings
12points between 600rpm-16000rpm(range:+-50% at 1% increments)
■Throttle Response Settings
6points between 600rpm-16000rpm(range:1ms-100ms at 1ms increments)
■Display settings
○Ber Graph Display:fuel map correction or throttle position(numerical equivalent is simultaneously displayed in %)
○Numerical Display: engine rpm or battery voltage (opposite of chosen Bar Graph Display is simultaneously displayed)
■Logging Function
Displayed Information is saved ever 0.2s for a maximum 40.0s.Saved Information can be played back.
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