YOSHIMURA JAPAN Machinebend Straight Cyclone,SUZUKI GSX140
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Item Description

YOSHIMURA JAPAN Machinebend Straight Cyclone[110-115-5661]

Our Selling Price: 151,800Yen
[Available] Weight: 15000g
For GSX1400
Full Exhaust

Oil Replacement: Replaceable
Center Stand: Available

Weight (STD (-2004): 19.5kg (-2005): 14.6kg): 6.9kg
[Included Parts]
Center Stand Stopper
Exhaust Gasket
■JMCA Certified Product
■Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence

Machine Bent Straight Cyclone reminiscent of the image of collecting tube YOSHIMURA created for the first time in the world. Besides improving the output, the sound quality realizes the powerful Exhaust sound while clearing the reference value of JMCA.

JMCA Certified number 00139272
Proximate exhaust noise 91dB / 3250rpm

Main Material Stainless

Model GY71A
Engine model Y701
Certificate of Car Exhaust Gas Test Result (Gas repo) None (Unnecessary)

To replace the Oil Filter, it is necessary to remove the Exhaust System.

Because this product is a heat-resistant BlackPainting's Exhaust System, color fading due to heat and paint peeling due to corrosion may occur depending on usage conditions. We regularly inspect it, and we recommend that you re-paint if significant corrosion or paint peeling occurs.
☐ We are preparing at Yoshimura Japan when painting "Repainting Service" Ya "For RepairSpray" We recommend using.

* Exhaust needs to be removed to change the oil filter.
* Since it is an exhaust coated with heat resistant black paint, the color may fade from heat, or considerable rust/peeling off of paint may happen in accordance with its used condition.
We recommend you to have it inspected regularly, and repaint it if apparent rust or peeling off of paint is found.
Handling Instruction Manual is here
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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