ADVANTAGE EXACT RACING 10 Full Forged Magnesium Wheel
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Item Description

ADVANTAGE EXACT RACING 10 Full Forged Magnesium Wheel[5410R-H018-SB]

Our Selling Price: 417,695Yen
[Available] Weight: 18000g
[Material] Magnesium Forged
[Rim Size]
Front: 350-17
Rear: 600-17
Lightweight forged MagnesiumWheelEXACT (Exact).
Magnesium boasts the ultimate lightness as a material for Wheel.
The only weakness is durability against Rust etc..
EXACT incorporates ingenuity to prevent aging changes to the smallest limit such as making the Bearing part DuraluminCut-out item.
Noteworthy "EXACT" Is that it is an exclusive design product inside Advantage.
AutoDesk's (MDT) 3DMechanicaldiscTop 3D Advantage's Large Point is the Advantage's Point of Large that enables you to check the design shielding assuming every Situation on the Computer with Cad System with Ring..
Full forging Wheel (Full spec) Era of F - 1 Machine that reigns at the top of Motor Sports Development testMODEL. Exclusive Design which took it as a fate to cross the Rival who is considered the best.
STREET produced from the best environment in which technology Level and Management Level are harmonized in a high dimension pursuing convincing tests and prejudice / For Racing Forged Wheel.
It is ADVANTAGE EXACT (Exact) is.

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